HRY SPACE Talk: "PT 2: Art, Self-Branding and Social Media" on April 12th, 2019

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On April 12th from 6:30-8:30 pm, HRY SPACE in collaboration with SIMPL MAG will be hosting an art talk under the theme:

PT 2: Art, Self-Branding and Social Media.

The panelists are young and well-known millennial culture-creators working in different fields of social media and art— exploring and paving their ways through the New York hustle lifestyle through talent, identity, and branding.

For RSVP please click here. Food & drinks will be provided at the event reception, the talk starts at 6:30 pm sharp, please be on time or you will be missing out.

HRY SPACE Talk is an integral programming of HRY SPACE, for which we bring industry leading individuals together in a room filled with artworks from a generation of artists that are radically reshaping the contemporary art scene, hearing them share their experiences and ideas on their own works, and how we together move forward to drive positive impact for millennial culture worldwide.

Sivan Miller (@SIVAN_MILLER)

Sivan Miller is a South African-born photographer from Cape Town who currently lives in and travels for work from New York. Sivan was discovered by Oprah Winfrey at the age of 16, with a photograph he took of Camps Bay. The self-taught photographer has been practicing as an international fashion photographer for the past 12 years. Sivan’s photographs are ‘futuristic with an editorial feel’, stating that ‘emotion in his images and a connection with the people he photographs’ is key to his practice. Sivan’s career, photographing new faces and growing list of clients include: Jocete Coote, Gigi Hadid, Jaden Smith, Maria Borgers, The Oscars, The Grammy Awards, Puma, Mercedes Benz and more.

Bei Kuo (@BEIKUO)

Bei Kuo is a Taiwan born, New York based designer and artist, alumni from Parsons New School For Design with an MFA in Fashion and Society, is also the founder of ‘The End’ since 2016. Bei’s brand, ’The End’ is known for sexy, sustainable lingerie, designed with intention and impeccable aesthetics — inspirations came from the art of body-piercings, piercing jewelry and lingerie combined into a kinky, edgy, cute but attractive silhouettes but also made with 100% cotton and eco-friendly materials. Her works have been featured on;; i-D magazine; National Futur; The Fashion Law.

Jimi Lucid (@JIMILUCID)

Jimi is a NYC Brooklyn-based musician whose work fuses musical pursuits, visual work and clothing style inspired with punk and experimental artists from the 70s era. Jimi’s works are about connections of all humans, how isolation and loneliness can be catalyst to love. At the core of it, it’s an embodiment of one’s ability to get lost in their own emotions. To Jimi, colors and sounds are one— his artistic expressions, confidence in pushing boundaries are notable in his music and visual arts, becoming a representation of self, ‘a version of me (one’s self) without filter or worry about how I am perceived.’

Bo Chapli (@BOZHEANA)

Bo (Bozheana) is a New York based Ukrainian artist and photographer. Her work primarily consists of photography, video art, acrylic & oil painting, and performance, exploring the gap between staged images and candid street photography, narcissism and identity masks. Using two dimensional visual representation, painting and photography, Bo’s work seeks to connect people with their subconscious motives. Presenting the disconnect between appearance and reality, by photographing people of all demographics, staging them in a theatrical way that presents them by their desired appearance, which often transcends human nature, rather than their actual appearance, Bo is able to bring attention to that dichotomy which is very relevant to people of her age. The strong contrast and vibrance in her photography and painting mirror this existential dilemma.


Originally from Miami, Florida, Jo Rosenthal, an artist, writer, and model— is one of a select handful of young women in New York right now who are using art and activism to find their voice, and getting noticed doing so. Rosenthal's works explore concepts of love, intimacy, and identity, continually questioning, challenging and confronting what does it mean to be intimate, what does it mean to be in love, what does it mean to capture somebody, what does it mean to be enraptured. Rosenthal combines ideas of innocent playfulness, peerless vulnerability in such beautiful and delicate ways. Jo’s work mirrors her own energy, her aesthetic being almost chaotic, but also ‘smart and confident.’

This HRY SPACE Talk is co-hosted by So Kim (@ayamox).

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