HRY SPACE Talk: "Japanese Comics & The Impact on Modern Illustrators”

On May 29th from 6:30-8:30 pm, HRY SPACE in collaboration with SIMPL MAG will be hosting HRY SPACE Talk under the theme:

“Japanese Comics & The Impact on Modern Illustrators”

Food & drinks will be provided at the event reception, the talk starts at 6:30 pm sharp.

HRY SPACE Talk is an integral programming of HRY SPACE, for which we bring industry leading individuals together in a room filled with artworks from a generation of artists that are radically reshaping the contemporary art scene, hearing them share their experiences and ideas on their own works, and how we collectively move forward to drive positive impact for millennial culture worldwide.

Diandrea Ancrum-Murakami (@koyukipanda)

As a child of the 90s, Diandrea Ancrum-Murakami was really influenced by the style, fashion, and sounds of Black-American New York culture. Diandrea’s work was also super influenced and inspired by the stories, look, and feel of Japanese animation and videogames, and after sometime, Japanese culture, by extension. As she got older, these feelings deepened and matured–– Diandrea has such a great appreciation for these influences, so if asked to describe her work, she’d say it’s an homage to the nostalgia of her youth.

Linnea Kataja (@keikokup)

Linnea Kataja is a comic artist and illustrator based in NYC with a poppy and vibrant style influenced by Japanese manga, punk fashion, and her life growing up in New York. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Cartooning, she has built her freelance career and following on social media with over 60,000 Instagram followers. Her comic “A Maid Story” won runner up in Japan’s leading girls comic magazine Ribon in their Grand Prix competition. She is currently working on her webtoon “RockRom!” funded by her Patrons, as well self published comics, CD covers, t-shirt designs, and other illustration work.

Chelsea Ortega (@caramoccii)

Chelsea Ortega describes her work as versatile and something that embodies her personal journey as an artist–– from sifting through different aesthetics, absorbing various material and media for inspiration, to finally integrating these elements into the finished product–– all while maintaining a sense of storytelling. Whether it’s layouts, concept art, or illustrations, her goal is to capture whatever atmosphere or feeling she wants and conveys it through the aesthetic she’s curated. As much as Chelsea strives for sensuality and grace in her illustrations, she enjoys bright and bold colors, and tries to bear somewhat of a fairy-tale like feel to her work. Her favorite subjects to draw are people, fashion, city scenery, and things of a romantic/magical nature.

This artists panel talk is co-organized by Danielle Duemesi (@networkink_).

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